Scrooge Contract Address:  0x9DfeE72aEa65dc7e375d50Ea2Bd90384313A165A

SCROOGE | White Paper

SCROOGE COIN: Deflationary Reflection Token with liquidity acquisitions

  • James Peters – CEO
  • Reha Kocatas – CCO
  • Corey Norman – Tech Manager
  • Support – utilities@scroogegold.com
  • https://www.ScroogeGold.com


Scrooge holders are rewarded with US dollar pegged USDT ($USDT), a popular crypto currency that is pegged one-to one with the United States Dollar (USD). This single feature is so important and unique, it makes Scrooge Coin an immediate front runner among all other cryptocurrencies. With every buy or sell Scrooge transaction, a small percentage of tokens are automatically transferred to the Pancake Swap liquidity Pool. Scrooge Coin also maintains a buyback reserve from where the tokens are converted into BNB and securely locked and stored in the Scrooge Coin contract. The Moon Shot buy back and Auto Boost buy back systems work to maintain the smooth flow.

The purpose of Scrooge Coin is to create new distribution of wealth back to the people holding the digital property instead of profits flowing into corporate entities. We believe that the reflection token is a trillion-dollar market and we intend to be the #1 token and community in this market.


Exclusively offered on the Binance Smart Chain(BSC), Scrooge Coin is the next generation of the reflection token: the US dollar pegged USDT reflection token with purposeful mechanics and strategies in place to secure ongoing value in the community coin. Simply by holding SCROOGE tokens users will receive a portion of the massive 8% of each Scrooge Coin transaction that is automatically converted to USDT Rewards. Eachholder’s USDT rewards are determined by the percent of the overall Scrooge Coin supply they own.

Out of the total 1,000,000,000,000,000 Scrooge Coin tokens minted, 50% have been sent to the burn address 10% to the founders and theteam, and finally, 100,000,000,000,000 tokens have been distributed to the SCROOGE marketing wallet. These tokens will be used strictly for SCROOGE marketing efforts and/or token burns to decrease the overall supply and drive up the price of the remaining SCROOGE tokens.

• 8% of every Scrooge Coin buy/sell transaction is redistributed to all holders in the form of US dollar pegged USDT.

• 2% of every transaction is transferred into the Pancake Swap liquidity pool to create a stable price floor.

• 4% of every transaction is transferred into the smart contract for the marketing wallet. No tokens within the marketing wallet will ever be sold. They will only be used for Scrooge marketing activities and/or burning of the tokens.

SCROOGE Core Values:


Trust is critical in the crypto industry. Thisentails complete openness in all aspects of community and development work, as well as strict security efforts. The inclusion of US Dollar Pegged stablecoin USDT brings more trust to Scrooge Coin holders. There will NEVER BE A RUG PULL WITH SCROOGE.


SCROOGE is one of the fastest-growing andmost beloved communities in cryptocurrency and gaming. We believe that community is essential, and SCROOGE tries toi nvolve people from all around the world.


On the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Scrooge Coin is the next generation of the reflection token: The first US dollar Pegged USDT reflection token to optimize our holders’ profits both now and in the future. Simply by holding SCROOGE tokens, users will receive an 8 percent return in the US dollar pegged USDT for each transaction which will automatically be transferred to your wallet. The amount of USDT will be determined by how much of the coin you HOLD and the volume of Scrooge Coin transactions.


Scrooge Coin is here to stay. The decentralized community encourages and embraces long-term ecosystem and foundation development to generate genuine use cases and higher benefits than any ephemeral fad. Our online casino is just the beginning of SCROOGE transactions.

SCROOGE Casino Gaming Mechanics:

The casino will be tied to the marketing wallet which is continually funded by the tokenomics of Scrooge Coin. These funds will be used to both market the casino and continue developing new features and digital properties within the Scrooge ecosystem. All Scrooge Coin holders will be able to enter the casino. We are utilizing a secure wallet connect system that allows you to safely connect your wallet to the SCROOGE Casino, where you will receive a specific number of chips monthly depending on your holdings. Initially, the casino will offer Texas HoldEm Poker, Black jack, Slots, and Roulette. We will then move onto other additions like Sports Book, etc. As a Scrooge Coin holder, you get to play for FREE and win legit crypto and other amazing prizes.


Scrooge Coin is not the only USDT reflection coin on the market. However, Scrooge Coin is the ONLY new coin in which you can be certain there will never be a rug pull. This coin was birthed from a desire for passive income. Never in human history has there been something that can create wealth for us like these tokenomics. The SCROOGE end goal is to be dominant in both the crypto and gaming platforms, which we believe is the future economy of the world. Most likely, the metaverse will be closer to reality than actual reality. We must secure our space in the coming ecosystem. Please remember SCROOGE is not a business so there are no profits from said business like a corporation. The value of SCROOGE will solely be determined by the community which holds it.

To view or download the SCROOGE  white paper in PDF format, please visit this page – https://www.scroogegold.com/white-paper/