Scrooge Contract Address:  0x9DfeE72aEa65dc7e375d50Ea2Bd90384313A165A

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Scrooge Coin

PREPARE TO BE AMAZED! Buying NOW could change your financial future forever. LITERALLY!

ScroogeCoin cryptocurrency is a rewards coin that gives its holders 8% $BUSD reflections, a Crypto Pegged one-to-one with the USD. This single feature is so important that it makes ScroogeCoin a front runner among all the cryptocurrencies. ScroogeCoin will also focus on a play to earn gaming feature  primarily focused on Texas Holdem and Slots initially. We believe the gaming deflationary crypto coin is a trillion dollar market and we plan on being #1 in this space. BUY NOW. This will be a REAL LIVE play to EARN casino. ONLY HOLDERS can access. We hope to have beta test ready in 90-120 days of launch. Only pinksale holders will be allowed in the beta. SCROOGE will be the first live play to earn casino with HUGE funds flowing into it. 

Contract address 0xfA1BA18067aC6884fB26e329e60273488a247FC3

About Scrooge Coin

With every transaction, a small percentage of tokens are automatically transferred to the PancakeSwap liquidity Pool. ScroogeCoin also maintains a buy-back reserve from where the tokens are converted into BNB and securely locked and stored in the ScroogeCoin contract. The MoonShot buyback and AutoBoost buyback systems work to maintain the smooth flow.

The desire of ScroogeCoin is to create a new distribution of wealth back to the people holding the digital
property instead of flowing into corporate entities. We believe that the reflection token is a trillion-dollar market. We want to be the #1 coin and community in this market.

Scrooge Coin

The new Utility Token


Scrooge Coin is fully  decentralized.

Scrooge Ecosystem

BUSD Reflection

Earn automatic Binance pegged BUSD rewards by holding your $Scrooge Coin – 8% of every buy and sell transaction is automatically redistributed to all token holders. You will receive the rewards automatically in your wallet or claim them manually in our dApp Dashboard. This effectively means that the native reflection of Scrooge Coin works in parallel with Stable Yield, generating a Compound Reflection effect and exponentially increasing your holdings. The opportunity to receive passive income from holding Scrooge Coin is limitless.


4% of every buy and sell transaction is automatically added to Marketing. The tokens collected from the fees are converted into BNB and securely locked and stored in the Scrooge Coin contract. The contract is coded so that the BNB in the marketing contract will be utilized as marketing expenses OR to purchase Scrooge Coin and burn. We are very serious about marketing efforts to further grow the community of the coin. The reason for the coins in the marketing pool initially is to increase the marketing efforts for holders drastically in the beginning.

Liquidity Pool

2% of every transaction is converted into liquidity for PancakeSwap. Pancakeswap fixes the low liquidity problems of DEXs through the liquidity Pool mechanism. A liquidity pool always contains a pair of tokens, which you can trade. Our Smart contract deposits 2% from every buy/sell transaction as $SROOGE Coin and $BNB into a liquidity pool.




On the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), ScroogeCoin is the next
generation of the reflection token: the first Binance Pegged BUSD reflection token to optimize user’s profits both now and in the future. Simply by holding $SCROOGE tokens, users will receive an 8percent return in Binance Pegged BUSD for each transaction, which will automatically be transferred to the wallet every 60 minutes. The amount of BUSD will be determined by how much of the coin youHOLD.


Trust is critical in the bitcoin industry. This entails complete
openness in all aspects of community and development work, as well as security efforts.  The inclusion of Binance Pegged BUSD brings more trust to its users. There will NEVER BE A RUG PULL WITH SCROOGE COIN.


ScroogeCoin will be one of the fastest growing and most beloved communities in cryptocurrency. We believe that community is essential, and ScroogeCoin tries to involve people from all around the world. We will soon offer specialized telegram channels for our foreign community.


ScroogeCoin is here to stay. The decentralized community encourages and embraces long term ecosystem and foundation development to generate genuine use cases and higher benefits than any ephemeral fad.


How to Buy

1. Step: Install Metamask for Chrome

Go to Metamask (CLICK HERE) and install the Chrome extension. Follow their steps from the guide and finish the setup.

2. Step: Send BNB to Metamask or your TrustWallet

After installing Metamask, you can send BNB to your Metamask address from an exchange such as Coinbase or Binance.

3. Step: Connect to PancakeSwap

Go to PancakeSwap and click the “Use PancakeSwap” button. When Metamask asks for your signature, go ahead and sign it or with your trust wallet go to settings and walletconnect take a picture of the QR code on pancakeswap when trying to connect. 

4. Step:  Exchange your BNB for Scrooge Gold

You can now exchange your BNB for Scrooge. Set your slip rate to 14-17% and buy Scrooge at the event amount. Click on the Swap Button to complete your transaction. Make sure you set fast processing speed. On the exchange in the bottom you will want to copy and paste contract 0xfA1BA18067aC6884fB26e329e60273488a247FC3 then import it so you can buy SCROOGE.


Total Supply

500 Trillion burned at launch.


Liquidity is locked for 180 days after contract release. Team is committed to keeping coin liquid to ensure smooth and easy buy/sells.



Coins inside marketing wallet will NEVER be sold. These coins will fund the coming casino so ALL holders can play to earn real live BUSD rewards just by holding scrooge. 


50,000,000,000,000 Team is committed to NOT selling SCROOGE but showing how DIAMOND HANDS do it! HODL.


8% of every buy/sell is redistributed to all holders INBinance Pegged BUSD, which is auto paid every 60


2% of every transaction is transferred into Liquidity Pool for Pancakeswap to create a stable price floor.


4% of every transaction is transferred into Smart Contract for Marketing. No coins inside the marketing contract will
ever be sold. They will be burned. As the coin increases in awareness to the community and price the team can decide to utilize some of the marketing expense as a burn instead of marketing.


4% to Holders


4% to Liquidity


2% to Marketing & Development



ScroogeCoin is not the only BUSD reflection coin on the market. There are others like EverGrow Coin. However, ScroogeCoin is the ONLY coin in which you can be certain there will never be a rug pull. This coin was birthed because of a desire for passive income. Never in human history has there been something that can create wealth for us like these tokenomics.

I want you to think about everything that you buy/sell. When you go into Wal-Mart and buy goods, they sell you something but mark up the cost to do so. As they tax you on those goods the corporation keeps the majority of the profit for themselves. Same with any business or entity that buys/sells goods. In this instance there is a tax on every buy/sell transaction HOWEVER WE as a holder receive the profit from said tax.