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Scrooge Contract Address:  0x9DfeE72aEa65dc7e375d50Ea2Bd90384313A165A

SCROOGE a real token with a real life utility using the token. You have to check out SCROOGE Casino


CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x9DfeE72aEa65dc7e375d50Ea2Bd90384313A165A


A hyper-deflationary cryptocurrency token that rewards holders with incredible 8% USDT rewards!

It’s simple. 

Earn passive income!

The Utility Token Phenomenon

Powered by PooCoin. Now you can safely and easily purchase ScroogeCoin directly from our website. Simply connect your wallet by clicking the “Connect” button below, and swap some BNB for ScroogeCoin!

ScroogeCoin cryptocurrency is a rewards token that pays all holders 8% $USDT reflections, a crypto token pegged one-to-one with the USD. This single feature is so important that it makes ScroogeCoin a front runner among all cryptocurrencies.

ScroogeCoin tokens will play a large role in the upcoming Scrooge Casino, a blockchain online casino where players can win real crypto rewards. ScroogeCoin holders will be able to enter poker tournaments and play other games for free, simply because they own ScroogeCoin.

The brilliant tokenomics of the ScroogeCoin token provides continuous funding to the casino via a small tax that is placed on each buy/sell transaction of ScroogeCoin. This revolutionary perpetually-self-funded model ensures that the pots are always full and the prizes are always fat.


Liquidity is locked for 180 days after contract release. Our team is committed to keeping sufficient coin liquidity to ensure smooth and easy buying and selling.


Coins inside the Scrooge marketing wallet will NEVER be sold. These coins will fund the coming casino so that ALL holders can play to earn real live USDT rewards just by holding ScroogeCoin.


Team wallet will keep 25,000,000,000,000 and is committed to NOT selling SCROOGE but showing how DIAMOND HANDS do it! HODL. The other funds will be used for swaps from OG to JR or JR to OG.

8 Percent

8% of every buy/sell is redistributed to all holders in the form of US dollar pegged USDT, which is automatically paid out in intervals dependent on volume.

4 Percent

4% of every buy/sell transaction is transferred into the ScroogeCoin smart contract for Scrooge marketing. No coins inside the marketing contract will ever be sold.

2 Percent

2% of every buy/sell transaction is transferred into the Liquidity Pool for PancakeSwap to create a stable price floor.



Chief Executive Officer


Dev/Tech Manager


It seems like every single day we hear about another rug pull in the cryptoverse. Undoxxed token developers are STEALING money right and left from thousands of hardworking crypto enthusiasts. We've been victims of it ourselves. That's why the Scrooge Team takes transparency very seriously. Our whole team is fully doxxed and consistently interacts with our community of holders and potential crypto enthusiasts. You can have complete confidence when investing in Scrooge. We are here to stay!


Trust is critical in the crypto industry. This entails complete openness in all aspects of community and development work, as well as strict security efforts. The inclusion of Binance-Pegged BUSD brings more trust to ScroogeCoin holders. There will NEVER BE A RUG PULL WITH SCROOGECOIN.


ScroogeCoin is one of the fastest-growing and most-beloved communities in cryptocurrency. We believe that community is essential, and ScroogeCoin tries to involve people from all around the world. We will soon offer specialized telegram channels for our foreign community.


ScroogeCoin is here to stay. The decentralized community encourages and embraces long-term ecosystem and foundation development to generate genuine use cases and higher benefits than any ephemeral fad. Our online casino is just the beginning of SCROOGE.


Scrooge Coin rewards holders in USDT. This is a cryptocurrency pegged to the United States Dollar. It’s basically cold hard cash in your wallet. Most coins reward you in their own token. Scrooge lets YOU decide what to do with your 8% rewards!

Yes. To increase liquidity for the coin, Scrooge offered a presale on Pinksale.Finance, which completely sold out blazingly fast with 222 charter holders!

Yes. Scrooge’s initial offering was public. There was NO Whitelist or Private access. It was a public presale and launch.

Yes, the Liquidity Pool is locked with PinkLock for a year, and will be renewed upon expiration.

Yes. 5% of the total tokens belong to the Scrooge team. We are HODLERS just like you, and want to continue providing value and utility so our investments appreciate right alongside of yours. The Scrooge team tokens are NOT locked, but they might as well be! Nothing but diamond hands here.

Scrooge Coin is exclusively available on the Binance Smart Chain. Offering Scrooge on BSC allows you to pay SIGNIFICANTLY less transaction fees than the Ethereum network. That means more Scrooge for your money!

No. Scrooge and Scrooge-related tokens and coins are digital properties with a community-decided value. The original creator and the Scrooge team are in no way responsible for the increase or decrease in the value of the coins/tokens.

Yes. Just like buying any property, there is risk involved. Values of all Scrooge assets can and will fluctuate. Buying Scrooge assets does not guarantee you profit in any way. 

We take security seriously. We have anti-bot software running 24/7 in the Official Scrooge Telegram.

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